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February Meeting Notes

Great Falls Bicycle Club Mtg

February 5, 2024

7 pm TD&H

Attendance: 11

Agenda Items:

  1.  No legal way to ride from GTF to Gore Hill!   Please comment in the  GTF Long range transportation plan.

Pump Track Update

    1. Pump Trax Aerial view with basic plans.
    2. Three tracks: TOT-track for kiddos and beginners, Intermediate/Advanced track, Jump line.
    3. Cost is still somewhat obscure. Still fundraising
    4. Instagram handle: @gfbikepark “Electric City Bike Park”. Really need to focus on spreading the word, generating interest.
    5. We did get the River Fund grant!
  1. 2. Cascade 66 Planning
    1. New date Saturday June 15th
    2. Use Muddy Dawg again for timing and registration.
    3. Road will be the 66mile and 33 mile options.
    4. Gravel will be two options: 29 or 44. Brian will mark the gravel courses the day before.
    5. February 26 – Monday – will have a committee meeting to organize details. 7pm TD&H
  2. BWMT Legislative update:
    1. Legislation that MDT would support that would send to more separated “shared-use” trails for MT. Trying to add MDT to the conversation so they are involved in the process from the beginning.
    2. Great American Rail Trail – would like to flesh-out the route through Montana. John asking Gov Gianforte for a letter of support.
    3. Finalize the “E-bike” definition in MT to be more inclusive rather than “motorized” only. Use Class 1, 2, 3 designations already used throughout other states adopted in MT.
  3. Input from Olivia – what’s new?
    1. Hiked out to Box Elder creek and just exploring and getting to know more of the area.
    2. Working on getting an E-bike and trailer so easier to get out to do trail maintenance in harder to access areas.
    3. Steffen Janikula – Parks Mgr – Sounds like his plan with FWP is initially to hit the North Shore. Possibly has a crew for two-weeks.
    4. Colter Trail (FWP) needs to be a maintenance priority this year.
    5. “Training Run” needs maintenance and trimming this year. Combination of City of Great Falls and State of Montana land.
    6. Paved sections of the trail – North Bank section is out to bid. Hoping to get it done this Spring! Crack sealing and maintaining.
    7. Planning and Public Works is doing a pavement inventory this year.
  4. Trail Maintenance Ideas to bring up to Steffen.
    1. Take out North Shore cattle gates and install “Ride-over” gates. Two or three?
    2. Find out who makes these and Bike Club members could install.
  5. Memorandum of Understanding for Steffan from the Bike Club.
    1. A written maintenance commitment?
    2. Chance has a meeting scheduled with Steffen and AmeriCorps guy.
    3. What do they want from us? Proof of hours worked?
  6. Buffalo Jump Trail
    1. See if we can get designation changed to allow bicycles?
    2. Maybe just one day per week?
    3. This is under Steffen’s area now. Steffen says we need to talk to the manager of the Buffalo Jump.
  7. Winter Club Activities
    1. Silvercrest Moonlit ski night February 24th
    2. Club day at Showdown Wednesday February 7th.
    3. Henry is still doing Tuesday night rides, but very few attendees.
  8. Other Ride Planning
    1. Maah Daah Hey Park Trip to North Dakota some time?
    2. Moab trip?

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