North Fork Birch Creek


This ride is one of the most memorable trails I’ve ever ridden.  Only 2 hours from Great Falls, the route gets into some of the wildest, most remote country around.  I call it the “you can look but you can’t touch” ride because it skirts the boundary of the Bob Marshal Wilderness Area.  Birch Creek is the boundary, if you cross the creek, beware the wrath of the USFS back country ranger!

A forest fire burned 90% of this route in Sept 2015.  The Fireweed will be spectacular in a couple years.  A few Morels were found along the ride in August 2015.  Expect they will become more common in future years.

Printable Trail Maps and Driving Directions Here


2 thoughts on “North Fork Birch Creek

  1. I was wondering approximately how long this ride takes. I’m would probably be considered an intermediate/advanced rider and have a decent level of fitness right now (been riding every weekend since april, plus bike commuting…).

    1. Hi Bryce, Since the ride is out and back, you can make it as long as you want. The day I rode over the pass and down the other side, I rode for at least 6 hours. Exploring around the north side of the dam and areas north of there also has some good exploration opportunities. Riding up the pass itself requires advanced/expert skills and good fitness. VERY rewarding if you can make it. Good riding, John

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