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Bike/Walk Montana Results!

Bike/Walk Montana is working hard for bicyclists and walkers around Montana.  For example, see the following legislative update.  Additionally, their Annual Summit is coming up March 2nd and 3rd in Helena.  Please consider joining B/W Montana to help improve bicycling and walking across the state of Montana.


Hello everyone,

Thought I’d give you a quick legislative update as things are rolling pretty quick now.  I’m also attaching a fact sheet that Saara created and I’ve updated so it’s current as of today – likely to change tomorrow.  In essence:


HB-280 to clean-up the bicycle laws was passed by Committee with a 12-2 vote and will go for House vote very soon.  It was amended to include helmet lights as an option.  There is a separate committee bill being drafted to create a definition for mopeds so shouldn’t affect our bill now.  This bill passed the House on 2-7-15.


HB-394 to create a 4-foot passing law is scheduled for a hearing next Wed., Feb 11th


Funding bill is still being drafted – we should have the next revision next week.


Pedestrian crossing bill – draft is finalized and waiting to be assigned a bill #.  It will most likely be in front of a committee within the next week to ten days.


SB-228 Speed-limit bill to raise rural highways to 80 and interstates to 85 is being heard next Tuesday


HB-297 Prohibition of cell-phone and texting bill is being heard on Monday.


I’ll keep you posted!  I’ll be sending out an action alert tomorrow for HB-280 and another Monday or Tuesday for HB-394 so please encourage people you know to contact Legislators.


Thank You!

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