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June Club Meeting Notes

President: Gary Arno Vice President: John Juras Sec/Treas: Bryce VanOverbeke
Club Meeting: June 3, 2020 @ TD&H 07 present
Gary Arno presiding; Meeting called to order at 6:50 pm and ended at 8:30 pm.
 Alex Sholes brought forward what the state was considering and doing for trail maintenance in an effort to work with The Great Falls Bicycle Club.
o Near Giant Springs Park on the Colter Trail there is a connector section of
trail near the storage yard that will be closed; A section of trail that is doubled
up will have the upper section of trail closed leaving the original lower route
open (upper route was created during snow conditions that fills in the lower
o Near the South Shore Rainbow Dam trailhead a culvert is presenting a safety
hazard and needs to be looked at; there is a section of trail that is holding
water and starting to trench deeper causing erosion and safety concerns
which needs to be addressed with a reroute or a boardwalk feature was
proposed; Whitmore ravine on the North/East side is eroding and Alex
believes NW Energy will grant permission to look at a reroute. Adding two
trails on the reroute was discussed, one more difficult with features and two
an easier route to bypass the features.
o Alex discussed having a trail maintenance class to provide some
fundamentals and techniques to those who are doing work. IMBA has
provided at least two classes in the past.
o Alex brought volunteer agreements for people in attendance to fill out for
liability purposes as well as tracking who is working and how much time is
spent working for future grant requests. The agreements are good for one
o The State budget to spray weeds on the North Shore is very limited. The
Club was in favor of a trail maintenance day to help in the spraying efforts.
 The Cascade 66 event received enough interest to continue with several people
looking at the 100 mile event.

 Weather for the proposed overnight event in the Little Belts didn’t look favorable for this weekend and will look to another day.
 The Bicycle trails in The Big Snowy Mountains remains open to cyclists thanks to everyone’s input to the Forest Service. Thank You! The Club would like to work on getting this route on IMBA’s website to map and show people the route. It will take a GPS file and picture being submitted so a ride needs to be planned (see below).
Proposed Group Rides:
1. 27 June – The Big Snowy Mountains
2. 25 July – Butte
3. 29 Aug – Pilgrim Creek/Little Belts
4. TBD 1 week (9 days) in Sep – Park City Utah 1 day drive each way and 7 days

NOTES: Sam and Kelsey Anderson paid dues for the year/$30; Current account balance:
 The club voted Sam Anderson in as Vice President.
 The club voted to remove Frank LaLiberty and Russ Herring from the clubs financial
institution and Treasurer responsibilities.
Submitted by: Bryce VanOverbeke;

Secretary/Treasurer 6/4/20

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